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Office : Jl. Bentengan Timur no.52, Jakarta Utara - Indonesia 14350

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Jl. Raya Narogong Km. 12.5 , Bekasi, Indonesia

Factory  2 :
C5/B7 Rt 1/RW 3, Ancol Pademangan,
Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia 14430

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(+62) 81295006523

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At the beginning of the establishment of this business, we only had a few employees with production capabilities that only met local needs. Due to the continued increase in market demand for food and agricultural products, gradually but surely we began to penetrate a wider market share until now to foreign countries.

We are a food manufacturer and wholesale supplier with a focus on coconut derivative products, agriculture and other foods. We are dedicated to developing innovative and sustainable plant-based functional food products. We are deeply committed to research and development, and commercialization of products that improve people’s lives. Our company is proud to be able to cooperate with local farmers and operate in Indonesia. We have all the necessary company legalities to operate in Indonesia

We collaborate with locals to build mutual relationships. community empowerment, improving healthy living standards. sharing knowledge with local communities to help expand our vision to improve the health status of Indonesians. We also support the preservation of the surrounding culture to prosper the heritage of our ancestors.